Loi Krathong (Water Lamp Day) 水灯节

Full moon again. Today is special - the Thai Loi Krathong ("Water Lamp Day"). Thai residents on Lamma made their own flower baskets and came to the pier to float them. Waves brought the baskets far into the ocean, each carrying a beautiful wish. "Let Ms. Wang have one too!" As a result of such generosity, I also received my own basket with Hawaiian orchids and scarlet-coloured petals nd  and it carried my wish away too.

Wind tonight was strong. It is finally cooling down nicely.

又是满月日。今天特别,是泰国的Loi Krathong, 岛上的泰国人做了花篮,拿到码头来漂,每一个花篮带着一个愿望在海水里漂远。“给王小姐一个”,这样的慷慨之下我也有了一个美丽的花篮,里面插了夏威夷兰,铺满洋红色的碎花瓣,它也带着我的愿望漂远了。