Back to Work

3 days after obtaining the green light on full weight bearing, I returned to work. What a nice feeling of just being in the flowing crowds at the start of a day again! Even the loud noise of Hong Kong traffic sounds pleasant. 

The walking boot makes a big difference in my capacity to move. In the boot, I could already walk many steps on one crutch without feeling too much discomfort. Yesterday I was overdoing it a bit and walked for over 4,000 steps in Central just to inspect the familiar streets. Not that I wanted to expedite the recovery. I was simply too happy for the regained freedom from a 6-week imprisonment in my own disability. Meanwhile, I didn't really know how much was too much at this stage. It turned out 4,000 steps on the 4th day of FWB was too much stress to an ankle that was still healing. I had more pain and swelling by the end of the day. I shouldn't do it again!

At work, I couldn't elevate my foot to the level over my heart, but could at least raise it to the height of a normal bench whenever I can.  The pain on the heel when I first tried to walk at FWB has almost disappeared but now stays around the Ankle area when I walk, from, I guess, the limited range of movement, awakening of the injured tissues plus the pressure from boot. I believe it is also the overall stress during the recovery and am hopeful that things improve gradually. It will take time.

In two days I'm going to the physiotherapist again. I'm currently doing PT twice a week. In addition to ultrasound, magnetic and electric treatment, the therapist now gives me some exercise for FWB mainly to switch weight from one foot to the other.