Weight Bearing!

My big day came at my doctor's visit 6 weeks after operation. He allowed full weight bearing (FWB)!! So theoretically I could put my full body weight on my injured leg now and start walking. This was my 2nd happiest day after surgery, the first being the day they gave me a walker (day 3 after fracture) with the help of which I stopped relying on the nurses to deal with my need for toilet.

My doctor said that, in an ideal case, I would be allowed to walk in normal shoes at this juncture, but since my fibula had yet to heal to the desired condition, he gave me a walking boot to use for protection when I walk.

Pain came with the foot touching the ground and the body weight gradually put on it, mostly in the heel. At first, I tried to stand on both feet and naturally still put most of my body weight on my left, good foot. I then started shifting weight very slowly from my left to the right foot until the weight was evenly distributed and went on further to get the right, injured foot to take on more and more weight.  As I was quite all right with standing, I started practising walking. I found with crutches, I would automatically rely on them too much, so I practised without crutches. By the end of weight-bearing Day 1, I could walk extremely slowly with small steps without crutches. For each step, I gave enough time for the weight shifting to happen without causing a sudden pain. With the help of crutches, I could walk quite at ease (with the walking boot on of course) already.

It was really not as hard as I thought and appeared easier than most stories I read on the Internet. The pain is always in the background but completely manageable. Most importantly, according to my physiotherapist, such pain is NORMAL. I noticed swelling after practicing. It is NORMAL too, and Icing plus elevation helped a lot.

Days look brighter again even it is raining a lot with No. 8 Typhoon signal hoisted in Hong Kong. I'm thinking of giving it a try to return to the office tomorrow.