Summer Rain Storm on Lamma Island 雷暴中的南丫岛

Heavy rain poured on Lamma Island tonight. Frequent lightnings lit up the dark sky and then came rolling thunders. When I reached home, everything on me was wet except my carema and perhaps my eyes. Cool summer shower!



I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud 我孤独地漫游,像一朵云

“I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o'er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”







Photos were taken around Derwent Water in Lake District, North English in late April 2014. I was 10 days behind the splendid daffodils blooms. More photos from English and Sotland have been posted in the album Great Britian of this web site.


To Fly Like Wind and to Sing like Bagpipes 象风一样飞翔,象风笛一样歌唱

The wild beauty of Scotland carries one's heart to fly like wind and to sing like bagpipes...

These two photos were taken from a sunset stroll along the coast of Isle of Skye, off the Scottish northwestern highland in late April 2013. There was nothing to burden the mind, and I was just following the last warm ray of the day as whole-heartedly as a child. 

More photos from English and Sotland have been posted in the album Great Britian of this web site.

苏格兰的空旷之美载着人心象风一样自由地飞翔,象风笛一样悠扬地歌唱......这两张照片的景象是在苏格兰西北的天空之岛,日落时分,此刻什么也不想,象个孩子似的,一心一意只是向着一天 中最后的温暖的光线走。

(Uig, Isle of Skye off the Scottish northwestern highland in late April 2014.) 

Hong Kong Central in Heavy Rain 暴雨天

The first heavy rain of the year hit Hong Kong last night. I heard there were hails too. Friends called or WeChatted to ask whether my roof was strong enough to keep the rain out. My island stormy night was actually quite warm and peaceful. I vaguely recall one or two dog barking but no sound of the rain. 


(Hong Kong Central, March 31, 2014.)

View from a Hong Kong Bus 从巴士向外看

When riding a bus in Hong Kong, I always try to hop onto the upper deck and sit on the first row. The elevated view point makes it a whole different experience and the journey becomes immensely fun no matter how long it takes. On a right route and with a bit of imagination, the old Hong Kong will start to unfold in front of your eyes. 


(This photo was taken in March 2014 on board of a bus from Central to Ap Lei Chau.)

New Year's Day Walk on My Home Island of Lamma 元旦南丫岛徒步

The first day of year 2014 is passing by quicky. The night has fallen at the end of a peaceful, fine day. I am sitting at my desk, back from a nice New Year's Day walk to the southern tip of my home island of Lamma. It is indeed a beautiful place where I live, a beautiful base from which I look into the unknown time and far lands, feeling ready to start many new journeys.