So Long Lamma! So Long Hong Kong! 再见南丫,再见香港!

Now it is the same empty flat again. Outside every window are trees and plants, in the green shades of which birds are chirping as always. The wind breezes in and roams in the emptiness between windows, reminding me the first time we saw this place and decided to move in on the spot. I seem to still hear laughters of me and Ansel while diligently cleaning the floor, as close as yesterday. 

More than 5 years have passed and it is time to bode farewell to my small island of Lamma and to my metropolitan city of Hong Kong. I look back, and the momeries of the past, coming to me as if they were compressed through an extremely long lens, are blended into one whole and deeply cherished "yesterday". I can touch it, see it and hear it. Hong Kong and Lamma are by all means the most important phase of my life, where people dearest to my heart live, life-changing decisions have been made, and I've seen my own life grow as I nurtured that of a young one.  

The journey goes on. This time it will lead me back to Beijing, the place where I am from. However in my heart, there is no good-bye to Lamma or to Hong Kong. Part of me will stay, and part of it will follow my track into the future. We planted our bougainvelia tree on a hill facing the ocean, hoping to see it flourishing, flowering and reaching high to the sky. I'm sure it will.