Completely Healed

5 months after the first operation, the bones were declared completely healed by my doctor after he reviewed the x-ray result. The injured ankle still doesn't feel normal - tightness after sitting for 20 to 30 minutes, soreness following not a too long walk, etc. Improvement has slowed down too. I guess it takes time for the muscles and tissues around to wake up completely to serve their duties in full.

The physio told me people with their bones smashed to pieces even find themselves all normal in two years' time. I wish for the day I feel as if nothing had happened at all. I'll work on it and be patient.

I checked out the personal training options in Hong Kong and discovered Ultimate Performance, which looks like the real thing. However my physio told me I was not ready for such tough training yet. In the end, I signed up for a normal gym to start with exercise of large muscle groups suggested by the physio. We'll see.