In the Pool Again!

On the 2nd day of the new year, about 4 months after my ankle surgery, I was back into the pool when I was sure the wound from the second operation had healed completely. Swimming was the mildest exercise I could think of to help me get back in shape.

It was a public, Olympic-sized pool which I used to go regularly before the accident.  I really didn't know what to expect before I got into the water. The injured ankle was still tight and sent a background pain on and off. Swelling at the end of the day was normal. 

It turned out that water was such a bliss. When I moved in the water, I felt completely the same as before, as if there had been no accident. Of course the muscles got tired sooner and I spent slightly longer for the same 1500 meters I swam, but the water seemed to have soothed any discomfort from the tissues around the ankle. 

I took this as a milestone toward a more active life style, for I could now swim as much as I wished to and to get my heart beat as fast as I wished to. It was also time to rejoin the group yoga class. A happy day to celebrate.