Long Screw Removal

On December 6, about 14 weeks after my ankle surgery, I went through a minor operation to remove the long screw that had been put in to stabilize my tibia and fibula.  The doctor told me that this was done usually between 12 to 16 weeks post operation. The rest, 6 shorter screws and a plate, stayed in for the time being.

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Back to Work

3 days after obtaining the green light on full weight bearing, I returned to work. What a nice feeling of just being in the flowing crowds at the start of a day again! Even the loud noise of Hong Kong traffic sounds pleasant. 

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Ankle Fracture!

Today I decided to write about my ankle fracture and the recovery from it. I know from my own experience that any information or comments from people in the similar situation could be a support or a comfort in our hard efforts toward becoming normal again.

On Aug 26, I broke my right ankle...

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